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Boots, boots, can be sexy, boots can be comfy, they can even protect your cold little toes from rain. There are countless varieties of boots, from boots with buckles, leather boots, rain boots,   boots with zippers, cowboy boots, hot sexy red stiletto boots....or cozy warm sheepskin boots. No matter what type, color, or size a person chooses when they buy their boots, they will feel a sense of completion and as if they just gained a new friend. What I mean by completion is that after you are done putting on your makeup, doing your hair, getting dressed, splashing on the perfume.....once you zip, slide, clip, or tie on your new boots, your outfit is complete and you are ready with confidence.

I feel bad for those who live in tropical climates, for they never get to buy warm boots and experience the satisfaction of feeling all bundled up and protected from head to toe. Boots do allow a modest homely girl to spice it up with black leather knee high boots, or an over the top accessorizer to tone it down with short, simple boots. Either way, boots can be an extension of your personality or a peek at your TRUE personality. You cannot go wrong with a nice pair of boots, especially when there are endless options to choose from!

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